February 2021
Do you care, where your Bank puts your money?
Almost every German citizen has his or her own checking account. When it comes to choosing a checking account, there are numerous offers available to you, […]
January 2021
Tired of dirty money? Switch to a sustainable bank!
Money rules the world – but the world ruled by money is getting worse. If money is the cause of all destruction, why don’t we act? […]
January 2021
Sustainable resolutions: 4 ideas for more sustainability in the new year
2021 – a new year has begun. When a new year begins, we look back on the past year and reflect on what went well and […]
December 2020
Renewable energy? Why you should switch!
The German government aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the energy sector to between 175 and 183 million tons a year by 2030. Gradually phasing out […]

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