This is how it started

Our Mission

We want to accelerate accelerate the adoption of renewable electricity by allowing utilities to offer trustworthy, tangible and interactive tariffs.

Our guiding principle

Your Energy. Your Impact. Your choice! We empower consumers to steer the impact of their own energy consumption.

Our Solution

A renewable energy label, that creates transparency and allows everyone to easily engage.

Memberships & Achievements

We are a member of the SET TOP100 2021. The SET100 is an annual compilation of the 100 best start-ups of the SET Award of the German Energy Agency (dena).

The Greentech Alliance is a community of more than 500 greentech companies. The goal to harness the power of community and technology to shape the vision of a sustainable future.

We are member of the German Startups Association. The association is committed to a founder-friendly Germany, promotes innovative entrepreneurship, and wants to bring the startup mentality into society.

We want to drive the energy transition forward together

Since 2020, we’ve been working to make your energy do better. Our goal: A trustworthy label to be part of, that does good and is fun at the same time.


Paul Petereit



Miriam Böhnisch

Marketing & PR


Elena Pirondini

Media Designer


Valentina Müller

Social Media Content


Dr. Rheinhard Klimeck

Advisory board



Master of Diversion

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