Everyone changes the Climate,
but it’s in your hands how you change it.

Drive the energy transition with 100% renewable energy.

Contribute to sustainable projects of your choice.

Count on independently verified renewable energy from your supplier.

Engage your employees in your sustainability efforts.

Show your commitment.

Green Power & Gas

100% renewable! Together with TÜV Rheinland we have developed a green electricity and gas standard that your energy supplier has to meet in order to receive the WE LOVE ENERGY label.

Compliance with our standard is regularly monitored by TÜV.

Energy with Impact

Use your energy for the better. We ensure that their energy is 100% renewable and contributes to projects that support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). With the WE LOVE ENERGY Label, your energy can do climate protection on your doorstep.


Support clean-ups and recycling projects.


Help to keep our forests alive.

Drinking Water

Water is a Human Right. Support drinking water projects.


Feel free to suggest your own project.

Let your employees decide.

Help to make your energies sustainable impact present and clear by allowing your employees to have a say in an easy way. With our platform, you can create greater involvement and offer a more transparent and interactive approach.

Show commitment.

WE LOVE ENERGY offers you a trustworthy certificate that your customers can quickly access and check.
Provide transparent information about your contribution to sustainability. You receive comprehensive materials for your internal and external communication..

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Is your supplier not yet certified with the WE LOVE ENERGY Label?

Just leave us a message. We would be happy to check whether your energy supply meets our quality requirements.

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    Check which utility in your region offers certified renewable energy with the WE LOVE ENERGY label.


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