The WE LOVE ENERGY label is a renewable energy label that has never existed in this form before. In order to provide more clarity, you will find the most important questions and answers about us below. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at hello@we-love-energy.com, if there are any unanswered points.


WE LOVE ENERGY is a TÜV approved label for renewable energy. You can be sure that all electricity and green gas products certified by us come from 100% renewable energy sources. We promote sustainable projects by reinvesting at least 90% of our net profits. Eligibility for support is based on the criteria derived from the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By purchasing WE LOVE ENERGY certified renewable energy products from your energy supplier, you become part of the community and can vote for your favourite project.

WE LOVE ENERGY was created by us to contribute to a better and more sustainable future, together with you and your utility. Besides the promotion of renewable energy, the transparent and democratic reinvestment in sustainable business ideas is the core of WE LOVE ENERGY.

Just choose a WE LOVE ENERGY certified product from your utility. Click on the “Join Community” Button on the upper right corner and fill in the details.

I am a household customer.

We show you how to change your energy supplier quickly and easily. Don’t worry, if something doesn’t run smoothly, your network operator is obliged to continue supplying you – so you won’t suddenly find yourself sitting in the dark!

Step 1: Find your information

To change your energy supplier, you need your personal data as well as information about your previous energy supplier and your annual energy consumption.

  • Personal data: Name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account
  • Name of your old energy supplier and customer number
  • Meter number, average annual consumption, meter reading on the day of the change

You will find the name of your current energy supplier, as well as your customer number and annual consumption on your annual energy bill.

Standard values for the expected annual consumption of electricity:

  • 1 person households: 1200-1500 kWh/ year
  • 2 person households: 2400-2600 kWh/ year
  • 3 persons households: 3500-3600 kWh/ year
  • 4 persons households: 4500- 4800 kWh/ year

Indicative values for the expected annual consumption of gas:

  • 50 sqm living space: 5.000 kWh/ year
  • 100 sqm living space: 12,000 kWh/ year
  • 150 sqm living space: 18,000 kWh/ year
  • 180 sqm living space: 20,000 kWh/ year

You can read the meter number from the sticker on your electricity or gas meter.

Step 2: Conclude the contract with the new provider

When you sign the contract, you enter the data from step 1. Your new utility will take care of everything else, including the cancellation of your old utility.

Step 3: Get renewable energy and promote sustainable projects

With the completion of a WE LOVE ENERGY certified renewable energy product, your new utility will send you a link to register on our online platform where you can vote for your favourite sustainable project.

I am a business customer

Just like private households, business customers can easily change their energy supplier. Simply contact your energy supplier.

Are you a business customer with an annual consumption of 75,000 MWh or more? Then please contact us directly at hello@we-love-energy.com


Electricity is considered renewable if it is generated from renewable energy sources. These include hydropower, wind energy, solar energy, biomass and geothermal energy. Since 2013, energy suppliers in the EU have only been allowed to label electricity from renewable energy sources as such, if its origin can be proven according to the EECS (European Energy Certificate System).

You can find more information at the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt): https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/en/topics/climate-energy/renewable-energies/guarantees-of-origin-for-renewable-energy-sources

Green/ Carbon Neutral gas refers to gas which is either produced in biogas plants or which is made climate neutral through CO2 compensation. The origin of gas produced in biogas plants is verified with RGGOs (Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin). In contrast to the guarantee of origin system for renewable electricity, there is no European standard for biogas, so the systems differ from country to country. In Germany, biogas guarantees of origin are issued by DENA (Deutsche Energie Agentur). Carbon Neutral Gas has been offset with the exact amount of carbon dioxide that is released when you burn natural gas.

You can find further information here: https://www.biogasregister.de/en/main-page.html

Renewable energy label identify electricity or gas from renewable energy sources or climate-neutral gas. A label helps you to distinguish more environmentally friendly energy products from conventional products.

For your utility to be allowed to sell renewable energy products under a specific label, they must meet several requirements.

With WE LOVE ENERGY you can become part of the energy transition and additionally promote sustainability. Not only do we make sure that your energy is truly renewable, but we also go a step further and support sustainable projects. Transparency is our focus. On our online plattform you can decide whether we should support a project or not. The most popular project will be supported. WE LOVE ENERGY is audited by an independent validator.

In cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, we have drawn up a catalogue of requirements that energy suppliers must comply with to be allowed to sell green energy products under the WE LOVE ENERGY label. Thanks to the TÜV audit, you can be sure that your green electricity or green gas from an energy supplier in our network always meets the high requirements of the WE LOVE ENERGY label.

To ensure that only products and energy suppliers certified by us are marked with the WE LOVE ENERGY label, we have defined two safety features:

  • a) Certificates

    Energy suppliers receive a special certificate when the contract is concluded. This contains a security feature that allows you to check if you belong to the WE LOVE ENERGY community. Thus we do not only want to create additional trust, but also prevent the unauthorized use of WE LOVE ENERGY.

    We do this by using specially generated QR code on the certificate or uniquely generated web links.

  • b) Seal

    Companies that want to label their products or services with WE LOVE ENERGY certified renewable energy will receive a seal. Thus we do not only want to create additional trust, but also prevent the unauthorized use of WE LOVE ENERGY.

All energy suppliers certified by us are listed on our platform and receive a certificate. Companies that want to mark their products or services with WE LOVE ENERGY certified renewable energy will receive a seal.

The certificates and seals of WE LOVE ENERGY contain an individual QR code or web link, by which consumers can check the affiliation to our network.


With the WE LOVE ENERGY label, you additionally support sustainable projects. With every MWh sold, at least 90% of the net profit is paid into a fund to support sustainable projects and business concepts. For us, sustainability means more than just promoting renewable energy. For example, the construction of a wind turbine in Germany costs about 2 million Euros. We are convinced that sustainability can be implemented with greater cost efficiency. By investing in numerous smaller projects and accelerating their growth through access to resources, we believe that more can be moved than just the blade of a single wind turbine.

With the WE LOVE ENERGY label, you support sustainable projects through a renewable energy contract and have a say in the decision-making process. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, we have defined several categories that are particularly important to us.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were formulated by the United Nations Organization (UNO) as part of Agenda 2030 on 1 January 2016, aiming for full implementation after 15 years. The SDGs define political objectives on a global level, which represent a worldwide assurance of sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level.

The goal of sustainable development forms the basis of our investment approach. By adhering to these goals, we can ensure that our projects are truly sustainable.

If you want to read about this directly on the Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Platform, please follow this link.


Zero Hunger (SDG 2)

The second Sustainable Development Goal deals with the issue of famine. Every day people around the world go hungry. One of the triggers for this can be a decline of public investment in agriculture. Therefore, agriculture must be promoted to a greater extent, especially in those countries where many people suffer from famine. In Germany, as well, much more support for farmers is needed. Further, it is essential to promote sustainable agriculture, which can be optimized by increased investment in infrastructure and technology. By investing in projects such as seed banks, food sharing, information exchange or regional farms, etc., we believe that this brings us closer to the goal of Zero Hunger.

Gender Equality (SDG 5)

Gender equality can not be taken for granted. The lack of efforts to eradicate structural issues, such as legal discrimination, unfair social norms and attitudes, decision-making on sexual and reproductive issues, and low levels of political participation, undermines the ability to achieve gender equality. WE LOVE ENERGY wants to actively contribute to the fifth SDG within the scope of its possibilities.

Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7)

The seventh goal deals with renewable energies. There are currently three billion people on earth who have no access to environmental-friendly electricity. The result is an unhealthy mix of different energy sources, creating a threat to our planet in the long term. The aim is, therefore, to ensure that renewable energy is accessible to everyone by 2030. We face the challenge of keeping energy prices low as demand increases, while it is essential to promote and accelerate the transition to clean energy. Our goal at WE LOVE ENERGY is not only to support sustainable projects but also to encourage the use of renewable energy. The foundation of WE LOVE ENERGY is our standard for renewable electricity and green gas, which every company and energy supplier must meet to be part of our network. This is ensured and verified by an independent third party.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9)

Investment in infrastructure and innovation are the main drivers of a country’s economic growth and development. With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, local public transport and renewable energies are becoming increasingly important. WE LOVE ENERGY aims to promote the consumption of renewable energies while supporting sustainable infrastructure. 90% of our profits are invested in sustainable ideas to give founders the chance to make a lasting difference. These measures contribute to making the world a better place one step at a time.

Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11)

By 2030, we should make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. This includes access to adequate, safe and affordable housing that ensures the basic services for all and reducing the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities. WE LOVE ENERGY wants to contribute to the implementation of SDG 11. The active supply of green energy is guaranteed through the WLE label. The acquisition of the label, promotes the consumption of renewable energies on a global scale, due to the conformity to international standards, while investing in sustainable projects.

Responsible consumption and production (SDG 12)

Among other things, SDG 12 considers waste reduction by emphasizing the responsible use of products through their lifecycle and emphasizing the role of circular economies to increase resource efficiency and production patterns. SDG 12 considers energy efficiency, the responsible use of fossil fuels and the promotion of substitutes by removing market distortions. Additionally, it is aiming to encourage companies, especially large transnational businesses, to include sustainable information in their reporting cycles (such as CDP or GHG). WE LOVE ENERGY is compatible with the major sustainable reporting systems such as CDP and GHG. We place particular importance on circular economies, climate and energy efficiency, by defining two of our six investment criteria as such.

Climate Action (SDG 13)

Due to rising greenhouse gas emissions, climate change is happening at a much faster pace than expected, and its effects are becoming increasingly evident worldwide. Even though large sums of money are already being utilized today to combat climate change, this still is not enough to effectively curb it. In the future, it is essential to take more drastic measures and to set up more ambitious plans by providing more financial resources. This form of reinforcement is particularly important for the least developed countries, which are often the hardest hit by the effects of climate change. By promoting sustainable projects, the implementation of SDG 13 can be ensured.


You can have a say by purchasing a WE LOVE ENERGY certified renewable energy product from your utility. When you sign your contract, your utility will send you a link to register on our site. With your user account successfully set up, you can not only have a look at all the important details in the project overview but also be an active part of the investment process.

Each household has the opportunity to cast its vote once per investment round. The number of investment rounds per year depends on how many customers choose a WE LOVE ENERGY certified green energy product.

  • I’m a commercial customer. What opportunities do I have? For commercial customers, up to 10 employees have the opportunity to vote per investment round.
  • I am a corporate client. What opportunities do I have? For corporate clients, all employees have the opportunity to vote for their favourite project.Starting at a sales volume of 75,000 MWh, we offer an individual solution to large consumers. To do so, please contact us at hello@we-love-energy.com or ask your utility directly.

We will keep you informed during the whole process. The winners will be announced by E-mail and on our social media accounts, and displayed on our website.


Founders can present their ideas or projects on our online platform, which will then be checked by us. Afterwards, we will contact the successful applications for a first interview. The interview serves to get a deeper understanding of the projects, get to know the project initiators, and to determine the conditions for the possible investment. These conditions are recorded in a term sheet. The term sheet contains all essential contractual elements and is a binding basis for the formulation of the contract later on.

Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have developed a set of criteria on which our investment process is built.

It is vital that the projects are sustainable and ideally make a contribution to society. If the project fits into one of the categories shown, it can take part in the vote on our online platform.

Circular Economy

In this category, we are looking for startups and projects that offer innovative solutions for the sustainable life cycle of a product. The startup or project should help ensure that products are not only produced, used and disposed of but also aimed at fully exploiting the value of resources by keeping them in the cycle as long as possible, i.e. rethink, reducing, reusing and recycling them.

Climate and energy efficiency

In this category, we are looking for startups and projects that perceive sustainability, climate and energy as the most significant social challenges of the present and future. Our production methods and consumer behaviour should become more resource-conserving, environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and thus more sustainable. In this category, the focus is on startups and projects that have innovative solutions and support future-oriented action in accordance with our responsibility for the current and future generations.


In this category, we are looking for startups and projects that offer innovative solutions for sustainable mobility, since transport is a significant burden on the environment and people, but at the same time is also a central prerequisite for economic efficiency and the social development of modern industrial and service societies. The environmental impact of transport poses major challenges for actors at all levels. Strategies and concepts must, therefore, be developed to satisfy the mobility needs of all. We are looking for startups and projects that can combine the requirements of sustainable and long-term viable development.

Sustainable lifestyle

In this category, we are looking for startups and projects that offer innovative solutions for a sustainable lifestyle. Recognizing the complete impact of our everyday life and not only the fairness and environmental friendliness of goods such as cocoa, regional food, or low-emission means of transport. If you want to live responsibly, you need to go a step further and question the sustainability of everyday objects and appliances.

Food and land usage

In this category, we are looking for startups and projects that offer innovative solutions for sustainable food production and land usage. Land as a resource is scarce and expensive, and when it comes to land usage, interests diverge widely and often lead to conflicts between industry, agriculture and environmental organizations. Startups and projects in this category should have asked themselves how the growing demand for food is compatible with sustainable land usage, and which methods are available to achieve this goal.

Smart Cities

In this category, we are looking for startups and projects that offer innovative solutions for sustainable urban development. So-called Smart Cities function digitally, are more efficient, greener and more sustainable. Innovative and digital technologies are considered, as well as climate-neutral and sustainable solutions for energy management and transport. Existing resources are to be made available as needed, and renewable energy sources are to be used.

By introducing yourself and your project on our online platform, you have the opportunity not only to receive financial support but also to benefit from our network and experience.

The conditions are agreed on with the startups on a project-specific basis. Based on our participation as an investor in a project or startup, WLE is also available as a supporting partner. You also benefit from our extensive network, to which you gain access through our cooperation.

The consumers of the WE LOVE ENERGY label are the decision-makers. If your project receives the most votes, you will receive the investment.

Founders who introduce themselves on our platform can determine specific additional benefits for all WLE consumers during the application process. These benefits could be early access, exclusivity on the products or discounts. Of course, it is not mandatory to offer such additional privileges, as not every business model is suitable for it.

If you have further questions that we could not answer here, you are welcome to send us an E-Mail via hello@we-love-energy.com. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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